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Less spam, More peace.

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 Less spam, More peace.

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ino is skill


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Join date : 2014-09-10

PostSubject: Less spam, More peace.   3/11/2014, 04:43

I have been on several chats for flipping. And in every of them, trolls are very common. We have them everyday, Right? 

When there is something going on in the Friends chat for example, someone is trolling or someone is getting off topic, someone will usually give them a warning. But there are times when someone gives a warning, and another person warns the first person who warned. This process continues until it becomes spam.

Basically, People saying shush to people who says shush to other people, creates spam.

It would help a ton if we implement a rule that only RANKS can Moderate the FC. For example, when someone is getting off topic, only a rank can tell him to shut up, etc.

Also when someone is spamming, no one should ask for kick or tell the spammer to Shut up. Again, only ranks should moderate the Friends chat.

With this, the Friends Chat could have less spam and more peace. =)

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Joey P

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Location : England

PostSubject: Re: Less spam, More peace.   3/11/2014, 05:03

A lot of the time, non-ranked FC members enforcing rules is a big help, and obviously we appreciate all the help people offer. It should also be noted that enforcing rules plays a big part of FC members being ranked, along with PC'ing, following the rules, and generally maintaining a professional attitude.

However I have to say there are occasions whereby perhaps a player isn't as familiar with the rules as a ranked player, and therefore the situation you described happens and clogs the chat channel. The simplest solution (and excuse me for dreaming here) would be if everyone read the rules and remembered to abide by them 100% of the time! I appreciate you bringing these points up but I wouldn't want players to stop trying to help - if players do want to help enforce rules then they should feel free to do so, without going over the top and becoming rude.

As to your point about people telling spammers to shut up or asking for them to be kicked, you're absolutely right. Asking for a kick is against our rules, and is something that can lead to that person getting kicked for doing so. I agree that it also makes no sense creating even more spam by telling a spammer to shut up. So these points you make are spot on Smile

So basically, I would say people should continue to help in a professional manner, and that people shouldn't ask for kicks or comment on a spammer if there happens to be one. Apologies for the lengthy reply Wink



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ino is skill


Posts : 32
Join date : 2014-09-10

PostSubject: Re: Less spam, More peace.   3/11/2014, 05:05

Not a problem. That makes sense tho. =P Atleast we can add those tiny things to our rules.
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Sr Jr7

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Location : USA

PostSubject: Re: Less spam, More peace.   3/11/2014, 05:22

I like the idea of ranks only to tell offenders to watch their language, to stay on topic, etc., but the problem is a lot of the time the ranks are afk. The community pitches in and relays the rules and warnings which helps keep the fc from falling apart.

I agree that it can get annoying when ten people try to give one person the same warning and it spams the chat, but I'd prefer this over there not being enough monitoring. Maybe teaching the community to try not to give a warning if one has already been given would be a better solution to the problem.


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PostSubject: Re: Less spam, More peace.   

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Less spam, More peace.

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