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Item suggestions

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 Item suggestions

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PostSubject: Item suggestions   7/11/2014, 23:01

Might be another fc i don't know about, but a few items from 3-35m would help make the fc more varied and more flipping! (which means more profit, wooo!)

C tree hat
Crown of seasons
Cloak of seasons

Just here to try and improve the fc for everyone!

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Forum Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Item suggestions   8/11/2014, 00:31

ty luverdark, we will discuss this for possible adding them, but imo it has no use adding those, for the next reasons.

> we already pc alot of items, so if we only keep adding more items, it will only be harder for pcers to coop with the pc demands
> adding more items means getting less reports on average ,so less updated prices on average
> but the most important reason imo is that these items are low volume traded items, meaning that instead of taking 20-30min to buy ,you should consider 2-3hours to buy. so is it worth your time then to do them?

hopefully you understand why we havent added them and prolly wont add them to our list.
but as i already said before, we will discuss it and consider it.
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PostSubject: Re: Item suggestions   8/11/2014, 01:45

These items are also pc'd in pc sof i believe, although i do not know how active the fc is anymore.


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PostSubject: Re: Item suggestions   8/11/2014, 10:19

Pc sof is dead, and these items aren't worth your time




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PostSubject: Re: Item suggestions   

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Item suggestions

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