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warning before being kicked from lobby?

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 warning before being kicked from lobby?

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PostSubject: warning before being kicked from lobby?   5/1/2014, 23:42

Dear fellow members of flipchat1,  My rs name is peachnstrawb.  I am new to this chat.  Earlier today at around 1-2 p.m. eastern time (12-1 p.m. central time), I was kicked from the chat for being in the lobby.  I was only in the lobby for less than a minute.  I have read the rules now and I just read Announce's post in reply to the thread Lobby suggestion, and I wonder why there was no warning before I was kicked from the lobby.   The ranks on during that time were Muratscha and Piraat Henk.  I did manage to speak to Muratscha and she was very fair and helpful and I sincerely apologize if I was rude in any way.  My suggestion is that there be a warning before chat members are kicked from the lobby, as now when rs players are kicked to the lobby they remain in the fc they were currently in and have to physically click to leave.  Well, that is simply a suggestion I have.  Thank you for your time. ~peachnstrawb.
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PostSubject: Re: warning before being kicked from lobby?   6/1/2014, 04:34

90% of the time i can assure there are 1+ minute warnings given , so you and others have the time to leave the lobby Smile.


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PostSubject: Re: warning before being kicked from lobby?   6/1/2014, 04:48

Hi Peach,

Like Thermal, (Rsn Zaronics) said above there is almost always a minimum of a 1-2 minute warning given before all people in lobby are kicked. Since you said you were in the lobby less than a minute, I am almost sure one of the ranks on at that time gave a warning and you just missed it or didn't see it, as all of the chat in your fc was cleared automatically by RS when you went to the lobby from a world. If this happens again in the future or you have any other questions or concerns please contact a kick rank or continue to post on the forum. Thank you for your feedback and concern!

Mike Smile
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PostSubject: Re: warning before being kicked from lobby?   

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warning before being kicked from lobby?

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