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Getting a 'Forum' chat back

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 Getting a 'Forum' chat back

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Would you like an IRC?
 43% [ 3 ]
 57% [ 4 ]
Cool idea, but i'm not sure if it'll work out.
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7


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PostSubject: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   17/1/2015, 11:21

Dear reader,

I would like to suggest to get a new chatsystem besides the FriendsChat. A lot of people want to discuss other margins or just want to talk in groups but still be flipping with our FlipChat1. I know we've had a chat on the forums itself before, but as i heard not a lot of people came and it took too much space for such little amount of people.

I found a solution to this. Why don't we make a IRC. It's easy to setup and everybody will be able to have a normal talk or discussion orso outside the FC. If there is no PC'er, people just start talking about anything in the FC which is against the rules. So instead of kick/banning them we suggest them to go the our IRC for 'Off Topic' talk.

This way the connection between our community will grow, more people will be helped with.

We could at least try it for a month or so to see if it works out. It's easy to delete the IRC if necessary.

Please leave a comment and vote with your thoughts or suggestions.

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Forum Addict
Forum Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   17/1/2015, 13:08

in my opinion it wont work, ill try to explain why
if we maek that irc and we have to redirect ppl to it, it only contributes to the offtopic
secondly if ppl want to talk to eachother about something they can always pm eachother.
or as you just sayed its mostly during a non pcer moment, they could join eachother personal fc's to chat a bit and just keep an eye on our fc to see when a pcer is 
starting to pc. (even tho i disagree with that, i find that offtopic is always being done also when a pcer is on) 
thirdly doing so will just make going offtopic 'viable' cause you can go offtopic to get redirected instead of being told its against the rules.
so in fact with the irc you dont change the 'no offopic rule' into 'offtopic allowed rule' 
hopefully my opinion helps understanding you why i feel there is no reason to make an irc.

greetings di dantastic
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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   17/1/2015, 13:54

Yeah i agree with dan, 
I feel like it will just contribute to the off-topic.
Plus as we are a flipchat we are not a talking chat if youd like to talk off topic as dan said pm, join each others fc's, or even meet in game so you can stay in fc for when a active pcer comes on. I believe the irc would just complicate things people going there instead of the pc chat or vise versa. Adding more off-topic to the flipchat itself. Also i believe it would further manips..  

Hope ya have a good day:)


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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   17/1/2015, 16:48

Nothing really much to add,
You are always free to chat anyway you like in-game, we don't offer off-topic because that is not what our fc is meant to offer, we are solely a flipping chat.
Anyway thanks for your suggestion Smile

Good day
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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   17/1/2015, 17:38

I do actually have something to add here to go with the others' opinions: Sending people elsewhere for 'off topic' chat, I feel that we'd also want to have a mod for that specific chat, which means splitting our attention between the two two keep trolls and scammers out period. There are other chats for other items- Nex and SS ; r quark ; 90weaps pc . the items they cover/ we cover are a LOT of the items you can't check on your own anyway. Bulk items/ bigger limit items are best kept self check mostly due to cutting. You share a margin with others for an item like these and you'll likely be cut to death before you can even blink. Not to mention it is VERY easy for someone to come in and be like, "Addy ore 500-600." meanwhile the margin is 400-450. It may not seem like much, but every 1 gp difference between buy/sell is 25k (buying to limit) which would really add up in that loss. This is why we keep off topic/non fc items out, because it tends to lead to drama, manips, and ends in people- sometimes multiple- being kicked from the chat.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   26/1/2015, 06:17

I would use an IRC chat, but you would need the same moderation as the FC and forums for it to work effectively.
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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   26/1/2015, 15:20


as explained via PM and stated above...
This won't happen. We removed the chat box AND support chat we had before, for a reason.

Thanks for the idea, but we won't get a new chat on the forum or anywhere else.



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PostSubject: Re: Getting a 'Forum' chat back   

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Getting a 'Forum' chat back

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