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Switched worlds and was banned?

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 Switched worlds and was banned?

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PostSubject: Switched worlds and was banned?   4/5/2015, 05:00

accidentally logged in f2p and was banned when i switched to p2p a min later/?
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PostSubject: Re: Switched worlds and was banned?   4/5/2015, 11:28

if we see f2p we remove then without warning, cause f2p players cant flip our items. so they are only filling up places in the fc for p2p flippers. and we cant see if you are a p2per in an f2p world

to prefent this for the future, if you need to go to a f2p world as p2per just leave the fc for that period of time and rejoin the fc agan when your back on a p2p world.
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Switched worlds and was banned?

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