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Post exact time pced for specific items

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 Post exact time pced for specific items

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PostSubject: Post exact time pced for specific items   15/7/2015, 13:32

Just a tip for future advice, can you guys please tell the exact time pced for the different items? I mean the last pc happened a few hours ago, pcer say subj garb for instance which i tried to sell for 4100 over night and it didn't sell when i woke up now. What this tells me is that there's literally 100% chance that the pcer did not pc this item, yet pcer says it's updated with 3950-4200 this just makes people lose money because they wanna go for it, 250k profit on a low valued flip ofc people wants to go for this and then everyone loses money on that item because they're most likely gonna have to sell it for 4050 or something.  I know pcers do hard work for free, this is great but you can't lie to people.
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PostSubject: Re: Post exact time pced for specific items   15/7/2015, 14:23

First of all, it would be too much hassle to keep track of when every single item's buy and sell prices were updated, and it would be pretty useless information anyway. Your case is why we have the 25k/30min rule. If your item doesn't buy/sell, use the rule and the margin will be updated when you report to a pcer or on the forums.
Margins are only updated from reports, so it's not the pcer's fault if the item you want isn't updated overnight. It's simply because nobody posted a report showing that an update is needed for that item.
We aren't "lying to people" by not updating the margin, we just don't have a reason to update it until we see a report.

I hope this answers your question.


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Joey P
Joey P

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PostSubject: Re: Post exact time pced for specific items   12/1/2016, 18:10

No further posts. Thread locked.


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PostSubject: Re: Post exact time pced for specific items   

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Post exact time pced for specific items

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