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please reconsider chat rules

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 please reconsider chat rules

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PostSubject: please reconsider chat rules   13/10/2015, 03:21

Please do not read this as a criticism of this service, I believe it is wonderful from a group of volunteers. I've been using it extensively, and will continue to do so. I enjoyed my 3 hours of Pcing but it was left tainted.

I recently gathered the confidence to spend some time Pcing, to "give back" a little, I enjoyed it and was happy and grew comfortable in the role, however...

I admit I am prone to quip and peppered my pcing with some retorts and comments along the lines of

your wish is my command
a pleasure to serve

comments which don't add any more "noise" than this exchange
A Lines
  acb etc

I believe it was all in a good nature and in fact users commented that it made it "fun".

I understand the intent (at least I think I do) of limiting off topic chat in the channel. But I believe the "rule" can be applied a little more judiciously. Perhaps it is a different case during the Northern hemisphere busy times but honestly if there isn't a PCer and it's not volumes of intercourse then I can't see any great harm in it, members generally will make a "please keep on topic" which is adhered to.

However it seems lately any off topic is dealt with by an immediate kicking? I read in the forums:
Zaronics wrote:
We try to limit the off-topic as best as possible, but a little talking through is allowed.

it seems this guidance has been changed (and I believe it is for the worse). It appears to me that flipchat is more than a pcing service but a community, I believe members quickly respond to "back on topic" requests, and I believe this community is being undermined by the current reading of the rules.

Whilst I fully agree this should not be abused by users, I feel the rule is currently being used too officiously and the rule could be used more judiciously, permitting a small amount of banter especially during quiet times.

I have been put off offering to PC because frankly I can't guarantee not to offer some sort of banter along with providing prompt details to those requesting. I believe it's a shame.

again I commend those who offer their time both to monitoring the channel as well as PCing, and offer this for discussion.
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PostSubject: Re: please reconsider chat rules   13/10/2015, 10:23

Hi Mithril,

As you know, the chat is a busy all day long.
You can understand that, if everyone went "a little off-topic" it would blow the chat.
The pcer wouldn't be able to give the price nor read the updates.
The guests won't be able to read the price as it would be faded away to quickly due to everyone being "a little off-topic".

Not only that, we sometimes have spammers,scammers,phishers and i don't know what sometimes comes in the chat but it gives us reason to limit the off-topic to what you told us what it was.
Although some extra comments hence "some" not "ALL" are okay. When i saw you pcing, you gave ALL the extra comments you could.

"However it seems lately any off topic is dealt with by an immediate kicking?"

Now, here is where you are wrong. If a kick rank asks you to stop the off-topic, then you stop it. You don't give extra comments, you don't go through with it. 
Another thing with Off-topic is, that , people always think that ALL the off-topic is allowed. But this is not the case. Please think about this.

I hope you can understand this. Thanks.

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PostSubject: Re: please reconsider chat rules   13/10/2015, 17:06

Hi chocbudda,

Firstly, thanks for the post and getting in contact. The best way I can explain the importance of the no off-topic rule to you is this scenario;

Imagine controlling 100 people to ensure that each and every one of them gets what they need from the channel - whilst allowing them to talk about anything but the purpose of the channel.

The above is just not possible. It is not only counter-productive to what we aim to achieve with FlipChat1 but, it is also very pointless to have a discussion which can be held just as easily (and there to refer back to) on the forums. Having the forum is one of the main reasons why we still think the off-topic rule is a feasible option to manage the channel - simply because the forum caters for off-topic (as well as the clan chat, Elevion).

If this hasn't fully answered your question, please leave a response and I'll get back to you with another reply as soon as I'm available!

- Keystones

FlipChat1 Friends Chat Owner
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Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: please reconsider chat rules   13/10/2015, 21:31

I fully agree with most of this, and in fact I disconnected from flipchat during the "anniversary event" for that very reason (too much off topic chat).

However it has been my experience that during "Australian" times there are infrequent PCers. Since my own PCing experience I have refrained from what I see as noise when new arrivals to chat ask

This wastes a line and a second (usually 3 lines) of people responding yes.

Similarly the whole
your welcome
your so awesome

Weapons and nex don't have this, although there will be a lot of thanks at the end of a pc session.

irritates me as much as anything, actually no, my pet hate is arrivals that ask questions about the rules... they've had the intelligence to search and find the chat channel yet didn't bother to read the rest of the information they found there

anyway, my daily rant and, yes great service and ill keep my comments to my clan not flipchat
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Joey P
Joey P

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PostSubject: Re: please reconsider chat rules   12/1/2016, 18:18

Thread locked.


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PostSubject: Re: please reconsider chat rules   

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please reconsider chat rules

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