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reporting process

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 reporting process

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PostSubject: reporting process   16/10/2015, 00:23

I don't understand the importance of r.  if people are following the rule and the provided margins, r is unnecessary as the provided margin is know as is the price bought/sold from the report.  Thus you can infer what r is if you know the item's identity (also provided in the report).  For example with gwd items you decrease by 25k each time so if someone reports nis bcp 1650 ~ 10 min while the original margin is 1700, that means that rx2 can be determined as (1700-1650) /25.  The ten min would refer to the time it took after the second lowering of the price (when price was placed at 1650).  If you are concerned with items bought over night are reporting r for such items when the margins were different before, r still isn't really necessary as the current margin is really all that matters.  Having r just seems inefficient in the reporting process.  It would be far more useful to replace r with the quantity bought/sold.
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PostSubject: Re: reporting process   17/10/2015, 19:00

Reporting with the rule lets us understand if the price they used was the current one that the pcer had or if the player lets say, xxx a: used an older price or b: over/undercut 

for this example I will use bcp lets say the pc'er currently has the buying price as 1500. Xxx reports -'bcp nib 1550 1 min'  now theres no way to know if xxx  used an earlier price or overcut and never waited the 1 hour to get to 1550. If the pc'er assumed that the rule was used twice the buying price would be updated to  1525 shrinking the margin even though xxx never used the original price 1500.

Also most of the items we pc are 1/4 thus we usually do not need to know the amount as to change the format of reporting.

Thanks for letting us know your ideas though and hope you become more active in the forums.
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Joey P

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PostSubject: Re: reporting process   12/1/2016, 18:06

No posts on this for almost 3 months. Thread locked.


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PostSubject: Re: reporting process   

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reporting process

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