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bad flips compared to pc'ed prices

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 bad flips compared to pc'ed prices

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PostSubject: bad flips compared to pc'ed prices   2/12/2015, 15:11

hello guys, I'm having some difficulties with flipping : i try to use the rules of the FC and the given prices bu the PCers but still I'm having issues with the amount of items I buy of the grand exchange. What am i doing wrong, I put my offers around the price the PCers offer on the website max about 10k more if the last post is older than my actual time. However I sell my always and I manage to get better results overnight but in the end it isn't what I look for basicly.

maby it's normal that you just can't buy everything and maby I expect too much. if so tell me 

ty in advance 

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PostSubject: Re: bad flips compared to pc'ed prices   2/12/2015, 16:14

Hey Smile

If you aren't using the adjustment rule I definitely recommend that, if you don't know what that is - all you need to do is adjust your price by 25k every 30 minutes and this should generally improve your buying and selling time and hopefully let you make a bit more profit.

Good luck

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Joey P

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PostSubject: Re: bad flips compared to pc'ed prices   12/1/2016, 18:00

No response from OP for over a month now. Thread locked. Please repost if you have any further issues.


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PostSubject: Re: bad flips compared to pc'ed prices   

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bad flips compared to pc'ed prices

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