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Feedback on reporting way-off margins

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 Feedback on reporting way-off margins

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PostSubject: Feedback on reporting way-off margins   1/3/2016, 07:16


Been member a long time, i activly report when pcer and use both fc and forum often

Recently i flipped activly 3 hours straight based on forums before a pcer logged on. I noticed pcer gave pc on bcp that was same as forum, where the lowest was 400k under what i bought with rx6 an hour before. I reported this written correctly, but response was that this is considered an unwanted report as it was an hour old, not within 30 min.

I think there should be a way of reporting that margins are way off, even if the report is older than 30 min. If fc'ers start buying bcp 400k lower than whats realistic, it will take a  very long time before it's discovered considering rules limits price increase with 50k per hour.
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PostSubject: Re: Feedback on reporting way-off margins   1/3/2016, 13:24

If you report on the forums, the next pcer should be updating margins based on your reports before they start their session


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Feedback on reporting way-off margins

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