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Conflict Proof Definition

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 Conflict Proof Definition

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PostSubject: Conflict Proof Definition   11/4/2014, 17:20

I have to say there's been an overabundance of unnecessary 'conflict proof' posts. I think that people need a clearer definition of what constitutes as a 'conflict'. For instance someone says 'bcp insta bought 6125' and another person says, 'conflict! mine isn't buying', meanwhile, a third person did indeed buy said item quicker as well. Does that really equal a conflict? If 6125 is the margin price, is it really necessary for the person to post a screenshot as proof? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Conflict Proof Definition   17/4/2014, 02:37

No that isn't a conflict and doesn't require a proof post, that just means that most likely someone undercut/overcut the other.  

If someone instant sold a bcp at 6125 and someone had a sell offer for 6100 that is a conflict and should be posted.  

Also from what I see, conflict proof is used to confirm a lucky buy/sell and/or large stretch in the margin.

In short, if a buy/sell happened, AT THAT MOMENT, that seems impossible, it should be posted.  The possibility of them, in your example, cutting one another is very plausible so we shouldn't worry about it.

After searching on this site for 10 minutes or so, I can't find where we address conflicts. I'll ask a rank about it.  I might make a small post defining it.  I can definitely go into better detail in that.

I didn't feel the need to put this topic in the starter tutorial because I don't want new people having to worry about it when they are first introduced to the chat.
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Conflict Proof Definition

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