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FlipChat1 Rules

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 FlipChat1 Rules

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PostSubject: FlipChat1 Rules   12/7/2014, 22:24

............::::::::::: FlipChat1 Rules - Last Updated: 13/05/2015 :::::::::::............

First of all, welcome to FlipChat1! If you don’t already know, we are the godwars, player-owned ports armour, and barrows kiteshield friends
chat. If you haven’t read the starters guide, please take a look here! Like everywhere else, it‘s important to stick to rules.
Since rules can change from time to time, we want you to check them regularly to always be up to date. By checking them
regularly, we can keep the friendly and helpful environment we’ve established in the channel!

Everyone using the channel has rules to follow, there are no exceptions made for anyone. If any issues should arise, we will
deal with them as effectively as possible. It should be known that we have a list of users in which gets updated regularly from reports.
These users are kick-on-sight (KOS) and will not be allowed to enter the channel for extended periods of time and will be removed
as soon as a rank see’s them online.

Below you’ll find a copy of the rules - there are a lot, however, they’re in place for a reason! If you have any questions, create a
forum thread here or send a private message to a FlipChat1 kick rank in-game. Alternatively, you can contact us on our
Facebook page or our Twitter account "@FlipChat1".

FlipChat1 Rules

  • Profanity - Kick/Ban

        The use of profanity in FlipChat1 can lead to a kick or a ban in serious/repeated cases. We do not allow profanity as we aim to
        create a friendly and helpful environment and profanity will cause the opposite to that!

  • Commenting on Kicks - Kick/Ban

        By commenting on kicks by a rank, this just causes spam in the friends chat. This will result in you being kicked from the channel,
        or in repeated cases, banned for a period of time. This is particularly unwanted when someone is price checking. If you want
        to know why someone was kicked, wait until the rank has stated a reason, but do not ask! The example below is what you shouldn’t
                   Kick rank: [Attempting to kick/ban user from this channel.]
                   Kick rank: F2p
                   User 001: Why no f2p?

  • Complaining About Price Checkers - Kick/Ban

        Complaining that there are no price checkers isn’t useful to anyone. It will spam up the channel and create unnecessary
        off-topic - even though it is highly likely you’ve just missed one, or the previous margins update wasn’t that long ago.
        This will result in you being kicked from the channel, or in repeated cases, banned for a period of time. Remember, anyone
        can price check, so if you want to learn - take a look at this guide to learn how!

  • Commenting on Margins - Kick

        By commenting on margins, such as the amount of profit they will bring (or may not bring), or they haven’t been updated
        recently. This causes spam in the friends chat which will not help us. This will result in you being kicked from the channel.
                   User 1: Acp?
                   Pcer #: Acp: 2-4
                   User 1: Bad margin

  • Disrespect - Kick/Ban

        We do not allow anyone to disrespect others in our chat. This can lead to you being kicked, or, depending on the severity
        - permanently banned. This can include:
                        Arguing back:
                        If a rank requests that you do something, follow their instructions. They have been promoted to that rank
                        for a reason, having invested a lot of time into the channel, so, they know what they’re doing!
                        Please note: If you have an issue with how something has been handled, please screenshot this incident
                        and make a report on the forums within this section:

                    Respect to price checkers:
                         Do not argue or talk back to a price checker. Also, do not give out prices if someone else is already calling
                         out margins. Price checkers have the ultimate say on what the current margins are due to them holding the
                         most recent prices.

  • Spamming - Kick/Ban

        Spamming is not allowed in FlipChat1. This can make it difficult to run a friends chat, give reports and give margins. The
        following examples count as spam:
                            Writing random letters (onweonewokcneokn)
                            Advertising unlegitimate channels
                            Excessive symbol use (@@@@@@@@@@@)
                            Asking for the same PC request multiple times (in a short period of time)

  • Scamming - Kick/Ban

        We do not accept players who host, advertise or participate in gambling games or money double money. These players
        will be kicked and directly reported to Jagex. If you are found to be frequently abusing the channel for this reason, you will
        be permanently banned.

  • Luring - Kick/Ban

        Luring is the attempt of convincing another player into a dangerous zone, or into dropping items and teleporting away from
        the lurer in order for their own personal gain. Players that commit this act will be kicked from the channel and directly
        reported to Jagex. If the player(s) continue to abuse the channel for this reason, they will be permanently banned from FlipChat1.

  • Stealing Margins - Kick/Ban

        Stealing margins relates to you providing another flipping-related channel with our prices, or, taking prices from another channel
        and sharing them within our chat. If someone needs our prices, they can simply join the channel in order to get the margins they

  • Spamming OTHER Channels - Kick/Ban

        Spamming other channels is something we do not allow. If we get informed about a user from that is frequently in our channel that
        is spamming another chat referring people to us, the user in question will be banned from our channel. Our aim is to be mature
        and professional at all times.


        There is no need for people to be in free-to-play, RS2007 or beta. Players on these versions of the game cannot use the margins
        we provide and/or flip these items on the version they’re playing. People on these versions take up a slot in the friends chat, making
        it harder for active flippers to join and flip.
        Please note: Lobby is allowed for players using the RuneScape Companion App. Before we do a lobby clear to remove potential inactive
        players, we will give a warning before the clear begins. You must notify the kick rank doing the lobby clear that you are present or you
        will be kicked. Alternatively, you may leave the channel and join again 5 minutes after leaving so that you are not kicked.

  • Trading - Kick

        This chat is specifically designed for flipping only. This means you must not advertise items that you are buying or selling within the channel.
        If you do accidentally, ensure that you quickly notify the channel that you made a wrong chat. If you do this multiple times, you will be kicked.
        If you begin to spam the buy or sell offer, you will also be instantly removed.

  • Trending - Kick

        Trending is discussing the increase or decrease in an items price. This may cause people to panic buy or panic sell, shrinking the margins
        for the item/items for the rest of the channel users. This will result in a kick.

  • Times

        Do not ask for times for buying or selling an item. Time varies between player and cannot be known. In order to effectively flip, ensure you’re
        using the 25/30 rule (25k per 30 minutes). For more information on this, please read this thread.

  • Trolling - Kick/Ban

        Trolling is not accepted in the channel. This causes unnecessary tension in the channel and will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Reporting Incompletes

        Examples of incomplete reports include:
         No buy on hiss @ 50
         No sell on hiss @ 200
        This information is not helpful to updating and it annoys other users and clutters the channel with unnecessary text. This could potentially
        lead to mass cutting for people trying to buy the item quicker, shrinking the margin. Please ensure that you’re using the above rule in order
        to adjust the buy or sell price.

         Please note: We only accept completed transactions. If you have one, ensure you report it so that the item margin can be kept current for
         everyone! If you need help with how to report correctly, ensuring you read this guide: FlipChat1 Starters Guide.

  • Giving out Margins / Recommending items - Kick

        If someone is online and price checking, do not give out margins from the forum or quote the prices they have been putting into
        the channel. If someone is price checking, allow them to finish if you want to start. If you have the forum page open and no one is price
        checking, do not quote the margins. We also do not give recommendations as to what to flip, as all items on our list return a profit and recommendations can have an adverse effect on how often other items get reported/updated.

        If you would like to price check, you can find the relevant margins within this section of the forums: Margins. Please ensure you’re using
        the current date and the last post of that section which holds the most recent margins. If you would like to learn how to price check, please
        read the below guides:

  • (How to PC in FlipChat1)
  • (PCing on the RuneScape Companion App)

        Please note: You can use a free-to-play account if you’re price checking in the Companion App.

Items we PC

Below you will find our current item list in the format of:

Bandos Line
Bandos Helmet - Bh (1/4)

Bandos Chestplate - Bcp (1/4)
Bandos Tassets - Tass (1/4)
Bandos Gloves - Bg (1/4)
Bandos Boots - Bb (1/4)
Bandos Warshield - Bws (1/4)

Armadyl Line
Armadyl Helmet - Ah (1/4)
Armadyl Chestplate - Acp (1/4)
Armadyl Chainskirt - Acs (1/4)
Armadyl Crossbow - Acb (1/4)
Offhand Armadyl Crossbow - Oacb (1/4)
Armadyl Gloves - Ag (1/4)
Armadyl Boots - Ab (1/4)
Armadyl Buckler - Buck (1/4)

Subjugation Line
Hood of Subjugation - Sh (1/4)
Gown of Subjugation - Gown (1/4)
Garb of Subjugation - Garb (1/4)
Gloves of Subjugation - Sg (1/4)
Boots of Subjugation - Sb (1/4)
Ward of Subjugation - Ward (1/4)

Saradomin's Hiss - Hiss (1/4)
Saradomin's Whisper - Whisp (1/4)
Saradomin's Murmur - Murm (1/4)

Anima Core - Seren
Anima Core Helm of Seren - Serh (2/4)
Anima Core Body of Seren - Serb (2/4)
Anima Core Legs of Seren - Serl (2/4)

Anima Core - Sliske

Anima Core Helm of Sliske - Slih (2/4)
Anima Core Body of Sliske - Slib (2/4)
Anima Core Legs of Sliske - Slil (2/4)

Anima Core - Zamorak
Anima Core Helm of Zamorak - Zamh (2/4)
Anima Core Body of Zamorak - Zamb (2/4)
Anima Core Legs of Zamorak - Zaml (2/4)

Anima Core - Zaros
Anima Core Helm of Zaros - Zarh (2/4)
Anima Core Body of Zaros - Zarb (2/4)
Anima Core Legs of Zaros - Zarl (2/4)

GWD2 Weapons
Shadow Glaive - Mhsg (2/4)
Off-hand Shadow Glaive - Ohsg (2/4)
Dragon rider lance - Lance (2/4)
Blade of Avaryss - Avaryss (2/4)
Blade of Nymora - Nymora (2/4)
Wand of the Cywir Elders - Cywir (2/4)

This means we do not price check anything else! Don’t ask.

  • Off-topic

        There should be no off-topic conversation in the channel. This is anything that is not related to what we’re flipping, however, this doesn’t
        mean that you can discuss trends! (see above) In cases where off-topic is excessive, you will be removed from the channel if asked to
        stop off-topic discussion.
        If you wish to talk off-topic, please join the official FlipChat1 clan channel, Elevion, as a guest, or better yet, join us!

        Please note: We have exceptions for when off-topic is allowed, see below:


              This off-topic will occur the day before, the day of and the day after each of the above holidays.

           Game Events
              Double XP Weekends
              Ingame Holiday Events
              Leveling Skills (90+)

              Off-topic may occur over the course of the Double XP Weekend or Holiday Event. In order to share your level-ups,
              ensure that you only use quickchat to post into the channel when you’re leveling (written levels will not be
              accepted!). A small burst of congratulations is allowed, as long as it doesn’t cause too much spam.


............::::::::::: FlipChat1 Rules - Last Updated: 13/05/2015 :::::::::::............

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FlipChat1 Rules

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