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Report rule usage

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 Report rule usage

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PostSubject: Report rule usage   14/8/2014, 18:08

In addition to simply reporting once we finish a transaction, we should report our usage of the rule after the first for any given transaction. Theoretically, this information will allow the PCer to have and maintain more accurate margins. As a result, everyone will need to use the rule less and will have more timely flips.

My purposed format for reporting this is:

rx[number times used] [item] [s/b] [new price]

The margins would be adjusted to new price, as we can tell that the old prices won't cause a transaction within 30 minutes. 

An example of how this would work:

The current margin on tass: 4500-5000

Player A: rx2 tass b 4550

The official tass margin would now change to 4550-5000  

Player B: tass please?

PC: tass 4550-5000  


Player A: nib tass rx2 4550 17min

Now then, player A didn't really benefit much, however, player B has managed to gain a more accurate margin and wouldn't have to apply the rule to his/her transaction, instead getting his transaction completed in the 30 minute window.
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PostSubject: Re: Report rule usage   17/8/2014, 03:32

Isn't this the same as the current reporting method? I didn't understand what you wanted to change.

currently the format used (as far as I know) is nib/nis/ins rx(amount) price xxmin
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PostSubject: Re: Report rule usage   17/8/2014, 06:33

Currently, we're waiting until the item sells or buys before getting that information. What I am proposing is that we report the moment we use the rye the second time in a row and every time afterwards. If we have to use the rule, we know for a fact that our current margins are outside the actual margins and we can adjust them accordingly.
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Joey P

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PostSubject: Re: Report rule usage   17/8/2014, 14:39

Interesting idea, I'm assuming you mean that if someone uses a rule twice and the item still hasn't bought/sold then they would report that. I can see what you mean that it means someone else using the same margin wouldn't have to go through using the rule twice as well. However we ask for reports only on buys and sells so it tells us exactly what the margin is, rather than what the margin isn't.

It would also open the door to a lot of people reporting items not buying/selling whenever they feel like it, it would also clog the chat a lot more than it already is, and potentially open the door to people pretending they tried buying/selling an item at rx2 in order to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else.

So I can see your thinking, but personally I think it would cause more negatives than positives at this time Smile


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PostSubject: Re: Report rule usage   

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Report rule usage

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